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Afghan Carpets Export to World Markets Under Pakistan’s Name

(Last Updated On: June 29, 2017)

The Afghan government fails to provide better opportunities and fields for the export of Afghan carpets to the world markets, Afghan Carpet Union (ACU) said.

ACU says the lack of government’s support caused most of Afghan carpets export to Pakistan and then export to international markets under Pakistan’s name.

“All heavy things are done in Afghanistan but finish under the name of Pakistan. Pakistan takes all the benefits,” said Islamuddin Masher, member of Kandahar Carpet Company.

Afghan carpet weavers demand government to provide the fields of export from Afghanistan to international markets not from Pakistan.

“Exports need support for growth and production, we failed to support our exports. The export of  carpets carries out through air not grounds,” said Muhammad Zarif Yadgari, deputy of ACU.

“We do not have carpet traders. Our supply is high but demands are low,” said Abdullah, head of Herat Carpet company.

Carpet industry was once one of Afghanistan’s flourished industries that had made a niche in various international markets. Carpets were the second major exports of Afghanistan, accounting for 47% of the country’s export earnings in 2002 and 2003.

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