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Afghan Attorney General Interrogates Police Commander for Provoking Ethnic Bias

(Last Updated On: November 25, 2017)

The Attorney General has interrogated Abdul Fatah Frogh, the suspended commander of Public Order Police, in regard to issuing an ethnically oriented official letter, provoking ethnic bias among the police forces.

It further states that some other authorities of the Public Order Police will also be interrogated along the commander.

“The commander of Public Order Police was interrogated and our colleagues will also interrogate some other authorities in this regard,” said Jamshi Rasuli, spokesperson of the Attorney General.

The controversial letter of Afghan Public Order Police signed by Mr. Frogh stated that “based on the country’s President order, a brigade excluding Tjiks should be established from the Pubic Order Police forces.

However, the President order reportedly doesn’t contain any names of the ethnic groups and only asks for shaping a Riot Police brigade within the Public Order Police.

“Provoking ethnic bias and spreading disunity among the ethnic groups by any individual is a national treason and a big harm to the national unity,” says the Second Vice President, Sarwar Danesh.

The Ministry of Interior, after the issuance of the letter, introduced 5 authorities of the Public Order Police to the country’s justice and judicial agencies for prosecutions.

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