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Afghan Asylum seekers live in worst condition in Turkey

(Last Updated On: April 15, 2016)


Hundreds of Afghan asylum seekers are living in worst condition of life in Turkey, most of them are spending the night under the bridges in open air, facing lack of drinkable water food, and can’t access health services.

The recent footage which was accessed by Ariana News indicates the real life of Afghan asylum seekers in Turkey and Greece Island.

Afghan refugee bibigul said,” I recommend all other parents not to let their young children to travel to Europe we have experienced really bad situation here.”

Meanwhile a number of Afghans refugees in Turkey have warned the Afghan Government to do something for the better life otherwise we all will commit suicide.

Afghan refugee Ahmad said,” We are regretted, we came here to find better life good work and earn money but as I see nothing can be done.”

“ I want the Afghan Government to come to agreement with European countries to find better life for Afghan refugees otherwise we all will commit suicide Abdul Rahim said.”

Earlier European countries have blocked off the Macedinia borders for any refugees to come to European countries have provided money for Turkey Government to establish different camps to reside any asylum seekers.

Reported by Fawad Ahmadi

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