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ADB Grants for Building Salang Second Corridor

(Last Updated On: September 24, 2016)

2The Asian Development Bank has signed a memorandum of Understanding with the Ministry of Finance and approved $ 31 million for launching the survey and designing of the second Salang corridor.

Building the second corridor in Salang will grow economy of Afghanistan and will connect the south Asian countries into middle Asia officials in Ministry of Finance urged.

The improved Salang Corridor will boost connectivity between Central Asia and South Asia, but using the current route in winter season is hard to move from one part to other parts of the country.

ADB Country Director in Afghanistan Tom Panella Said,” the ADB delegation has approved building of the second corridor to Salang last month with cost of $31 million where half of the amount is paid by Japan this will help Afghanistan infrastructure to be developed and improved,”

Meanwhile Afghanistan Finance Minister Iklil Hakimi has declared the inauguration of the second corridor to Salang would be counted as the biggest objectives of the National Unity Government in reconstruction of Afghanistan.

He said,” the importance of the Salang Pass is clear to all, from both Transit and business perspectives, more important Salang Pass plays important role as bridge between the central Asial and South Asian countries.”

“A new tunnel with the 12 kilo meter will be built from South part of Salang to North part of Salang in Doshakh area Minister of Public interest Mohammad Balegh said.”

Salang not only connects two parts of the country but it plays important role in growing and booming economy and transit, based on the daily estimation 5500 transpiration vehicles are using the following route.

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