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Actions should be taken against Ghost forces: Abdullah

(Last Updated On: March 1, 2016)


Afghanistan Executive chief Abdullah Abdullah has expressed his concerns over the ghost security forces in Afghanistan security forces row, saying the other challenge is that Afghan security forces are neglecting for maintaining their military equipment.

CE Abdullah Abdullah said,” unfortunately we still see ghost forces in Afghanistan security forces queue, this has been changed into a nightmare selling of one bullet means losing of a depot full of ammo.”

Mr. Abdullah went on and urged that if the residents of an area are not happy with the Afghan security forces that means they will not bring up their issues, there the enemies of Afghanistan will misuse the opportunities for their benefits.

“Ongoing war in past decades has caused a huge gap in between the Afghan security forces and the Nation, in some cases Afghans do complain about the misbehavior of the Afghan security forces towards the Nation Gen, Abdul Rahman Rahmani said,”

Afghanistan has 352,000 security forces which $ 5 billion is annually spent on maintaining that huge forces, this comes after that US Defense Ministry has revealed the existence of thousands Afghan ghost forces in ANSF row, saying we will not pay any notes for those ghost forces.

Reported by Fawad Nassiri

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