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Acting Ministers contempt to Wolesi Jirga, in contrary with Law: MPs

(Last Updated On: December 8, 2014)


Wolesi Jirga on Monday session asked President Ghani to introduce the new cabinet shortly saying, appointment of acting deputy ministers is in conflict with the law and contempt to the House of Representatives.

Members of Parliament added, according to the Law an acting minister cannot continue to work for more than two months and delays in cabinet introduction is currently the main concern countrywide.

The House Speaker, Abdul Rauf Ebrahimi Said, as a point of our view the most important problem is delays in cabinet introduction, if the government continues to keep the acting ministers it is contempt to our degree.”

They also said the National Unity Government must act according to their responsibilities accurately.

Abdul Qadir Zazai, a Member of Parliament said,” We seriously ask the President to stop introduction of Ministers Council within two to four weeks, there is not scarcity of men with knowledge in Afghanistan to be appointed as ministers.”

These statements come after President Ghani assigned the deputy ministers as acting ministers before participating in London Conference on Afghanistan and promised to introduce the new cabinet gradually over the next two to four weeks.

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