Acting Minister of Commerce and Industries Suspended

(Last Updated On: January 13, 2020)

The Afghan parliament declined the budget of the Ministry of Commerce and Industries, and suspended its acting minister, Ajmal Ahmadi, from his authorities. His signature on any official document and contract is considered a criminal act, said the speaker of the parliament.

Earlier, the Lower House had summoned Ajmal Ahmadi, the acting minister, to the parliament, but he refused to attend the National Council for accountability. This was severely minded by the governmental officials.

“Ashraf Ghani once said that every six months he would take a visit to the parliament and respond to the people. Now the situation turned in a way that his minister is not even responding. This will have negative consequences,” said Mir Rahman Rahmani speaker of the house.

In the meantime, some of the MPs underlined that the acting minister of Commerce and Industries has violated the law in many cases.

“Ajmal Ahmadi should be introduced to the Anti-Heavy Crimes Directorate. We have summoned him several times, but he would send his ‘deputy’ instead. The president should dismiss the incompetent minister,” said Abbas Ibrahimzada, MP.

Rahmani added that “We do not recognize Ajmal Ahmadi as the official minister of Commerce and Industries. His signature on any official document or contract will be a crime. The budget is suspended. The draft will be sent to the three government branches and embassies.”

The parliament eventually decided with the majority of votes to apply the draft.

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