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Acting local governors new challenge beside cabinet

(Last Updated On: December 8, 2014)


A number of lawmakers believe that Acting Governors are another challenge for the people of Afghanistan and President Ghani must introduce the new governors imminently.

Adding that according to the Law acting governors will be illegitimate after two months.

Currently there are 33 acting governors since two months while the government was not able to assign new governors in any of these provinces accept of Kundoz province.

A Member of Parliament, Assadullah Sadaee said,” According to the Law the acting local governors are not allowed to stay on the position more than two months, and we see they have almost completed this period.”

“The acting person will not be loyal to his job because he understands that he has been assigned temporarily, he will not have a working plan too,” another MP, Nazir Ahmad Hanfi said.

In addition, the MPs warn if President Ghani and Chief Executive Officer fail to assign new governors at the earliest they will not be reliable anymore.

MP, Farhad Sediqy stated,” First they should introduce the cabinet, then the governors; otherwise, people will not trust them anymore.”

Legislators believe that violation in law by government is not new in Afghanistan as people witnessed the violations during 2014 elections.

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