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Acting Governors to Remain As Governors: CEO office

(Last Updated On: May 16, 2015)



CEO office officials have said,” some of the acting Governors to remain as the Governors of the provinces.”

The following institution believed that the selection of new Governors will take ages.

Meanwhile Presidential palace stated that soon the list of the new Governors will be provided for the Nation.

It has been 8 months that both leaders in National Unity Government haven’t been capable to select new Governors for the provinces, discussion still continues in between both leaders.

CEO Spokesman Jawd Faisal said,” some of the Governors will remain as the Governors of the belonging provinces.”

He also said,” leaders have began working on selecting Governors, it will take times, some of the Governors will remain to their positions.”

President spokesperson Ajmal Ubaid Abidi said,” those will be introduced as the new Governors should be sophisticated of things going on around his province, do have plot for working affairs and provide necessary services for its Nation, new list of the Governors will be released soon.”

Based on the internal sources in National Unity Government one of the Governors who will remain as the Governor is the Balkh Province.

Reported By Nastrat Parsa

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