ACJC Ordered Arrest of 100 Gov’t Officials, MPs

(Last Updated On: August 5, 2018)

The Anti-Corruption Justice Center (ACJC) has ordered relevant authorities to arrest 100 government officials, parliament members and illegal armed men on corruption charges.

The efforts of judiciary institutions have constantly been under criticism for not following the referred cases precisely. However, the ACJC which addresses the corruption cases of high-ranking government officials has ordered the arrest of 100 government officials, MPs, and illegal armed men.

Following the matter, Integrity Watch Afghanistan (IWA) says the government officials who have been convicted on corruption charges have not been arrested by the relevant institutions yet.

“High-ranking officials, illegal armed men, and MPs are included in the list of 100 individuals whose arresting order has been issued, but the institutions which are responsible for implementing the rule of law, have not acted in this regard yet,” said Sayed Ikram Afzali, head of IWA. “

It has been said that among these 100 individuals most of them are those officials who have received the court’s decision against themselves but have not been arrested yet.

“The detective and security institutions have assured that the issue has been under their consideration and would refer these individuals to Attorney General’s Office after arresting them,” said Jamshid Rasooli, a spokesman for the Attorney General’s Office.

This comes as the Special Inspector General for Afghanistan (SIGAR), the monitoring body in its latest report, found that the Afghan government has made efforts to fight corruption, but much work still needs to be done.

 “We found that the Afghan government has begun implementing its anticorruption strategy and other reforms, but questions remain regarding its ability to fully implement the strategy and demonstrate a lasting commitment to combatting corruption,” SIGAR stated.

In the report, SIGAR identified some major challenges that continue to limit the Afghan government’s ability to combat corruption including anti-corruption institutions such as the ACJC and Major Crimes Task Force (MCTF) lack the capacity, resources, or security they need to perform their functions.

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