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ACCI Warns to Terminate Trade Agreements With Pakistani Companies

(Last Updated On: February 28, 2017)

TAPI_14-12-2015-PASHTO__SOT.mpg_snapshot_00.31_2015.12.14_17.26.56Afghanistan Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ACCI) has warned to terminate all trade agreements with the Pakistani companies.

About two thousand lari Afghan traders that fresh vegetables and fruit time after the closing of the gates of Pakistan across the border to stop where they were.

The warning comes after that about two thousands trucks of fresh vegetables and fresh fruit stopped across the border after the closing of Pakistan’s gate.

Officials in ACCI say the closure of Pakistan’s gate will have no effect on food prices in the country’s markets.

ACCI’s demands from the government is as following:

1- Afghan government should solve the transit problems of Afghan traders.

2- Afghan government should reports Pakistan violation to international organizations.

3- Afghan government announces that stopping Afghan transit goods by Pakistan is contrary to all World Trade Organization’s principles, ECO, SAARC and OPTA.

4- Afghan government should make further efforts to create facilities for Afghan traders that their transit problem to outside the country will be solved.


Pakistan has previously asked Afghanistan to attend ECO summit in Islamabad, but is boycotting this summit.

“The Regional Economic Organizations summit will be held tomorrow in Islamabad, but we have boycotted this summit due to the closure to Pakistan’s gate to our  traders,” said Khan Jan Alkozay, deputy of ACCI.

ACCI noted that Afghan traders faced nearly $ 700 million due to Pakistan’s illegal works, and from now on, Afghan businessmen will seek another ways for expanding their trades.

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