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ACCI officials predicting employment opportunities within next 3 months

(Last Updated On: January 31, 2015)

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Afghanistan Chamber of Commerce and Industries (ACCI) published a new report analyzing the current situation of Afghanistan markets worrying.

The report is indicating that currently investors are hopeful for a bright future of investment in Afghanistan, but unfortunately the investors faced with great challenges during 2014.

Atiqullah Nasrat, Chief Executive Officer of ACCI said,” security challenges after the BSA signed between Kabul and Washington, delays in cabinet formation, acting ministers and governors in governmental institutions during the last six months were the challenges hugely affected on Afghan businessmen, investors and employers, but fortunately the economical situation is getting better now”.

He also added that according to our poll in five major cities of Afghanistan 80% of the companies operating in Afghanistan were not operational during the last six months.

Mr. Nasrat said that the report show that 77% of the companies have declared that they have litter or no access to power.

ACCI officials are hopeful about the economical situation of Afghanistan in the future saying,” Our forecast show that the National Unity Government will pave the way to provide a good environment for employment and the companies will start recruiting people,” Mr. Nasrat said.

These optimisms raises while the nominated ministers for economical sectors could not obtain vote of confidence from Afghan Parliament last week and MPs left the House for their winter vacations, yet the new candidates to be introduced by the NUG.

Reported By: Nematullah Ahmadi

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