ACCI Calls Current Economic Situation “Alarming”

(Last Updated On: April 25, 2017)

thediplomat_2017-01-24_18-09-16-553x360According to the new survey by Afghanistan Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ACCI) the economic situation of the country considered alarming.

ACCI in its new survey interviewed with at least four hundred companies in five zones of the country.

The survey finds:

Domestic production declined from -12 to -19

Investment declined from -11 to -14

Agriculture sector shows a +8,3 to 5 decline

Public service is still in row 9

Construction Building improved from -27 to +14

The economic situation is also estimated according to the provinces:

Investment in Kabul declined to -30

In Kandahar declined to -20

In Balkh declined from -14 to -20

In Nangarhar declined to -6.12

In Herat declined to -7

ACCI officials say with the current situation nearly ten manufactories are closed, but no measures are being taken by the government.

Minister of Commerce and Industry said, “We want to make our cooperation more with the investors.”

The Afghan government has not reacted against ACCI new survey so far, but the economic analysts are said to believe that the economic situation will be worsen if this situation continues as the same.

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