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ACCI Accelerates Efforts to Increase Economy cooperation

(Last Updated On: November 15, 2015)


 Officials in Afghanistan chamber of commerce and industry have said,” We have accelerated efforts to increase economy cooperation in the region.”

According to officials in ACCI Afghanistan could play key role in boosting economy in the region on the aspect Officials in Ministry of foreign Affairs have held a session inviting neighboring countries and Asian countries representatives.

Afghanistan economy ties with neighboring countries are with some challenges.

James Gr. the operational manager for east-west of institute in US said,” remarkable development haven’t been made on the economy section in Afghanistan, in my opinion the biggest challenge is to form new ties with neighboring countries in the region if political trust is built among all countries in Asia Afghanistan will face few challenges.”

Head of the Afghanistan chamber of commerce and industry Atiqullah Nusrat said,” continuation of regional economy supports do need a suitable plat form where Afghanistan is pushing to provide better place and play key role in the region for boosting economy.”

However Political deputy of Ministry of foreign Affairs Khalil Karzai has declared Pakistan the main factor for creating economy problems in the region.

He said,” unfortunately our mutual political ties have impacted badly on the economy of Afghanistan and it has been overshadowed.”

 The following comments comes after the TAPI project will begin its practical work in December 2015, and international community still claim that Afghanistan’s economy ties with its neighboring and the regional countries is deteriorated.

Reported by Nabila Hafizi

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