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Absence of Afghan Gov. Representatives ‘in Peace Talks is Questionable’

(Last Updated On: July 27, 2019)

Mohammad Reza Bahrami, the Ambassador of Iran in Afghanistan, in an exclusive interview with Ariana News says that the absence of the Afghan government representatives in the peace between the countries is questionable.

“How it is possible that we set in a summit and talk on the future of Afghanistan where no representative of the Afghan government is present. Back to the Bon Summit in 2001, even the situation has differed from that time till now but the Afghan representatives were present in the Bon Summit,” said Bahrami.

Moreover, he stresses that Iran has no connection with the Taliban and its contacts with them are not secret.

He says that the Afghan government is aware of all the details and therefore Iran wants to use the contacts to bring peace in Afghanistan.

“We are interested to contribute to peace and sustainability using the current situation,” Bahrami further said.

In addition, Iran is not happy with the presence of foreigner forces in any Islamic countries.

“We have our own observations. Iran does not agree with the presence of foreigner forces not only in Afghanistan but in any Islamic country,” said Bahrami.

This comes as the United States has not given any role to Iran in the Afghan peace process.

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