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After the Taliban Regime fall one of the major achievements of Afghanistan Government is enhancing of the freedom of speech, an achievement which has been remembered by the former President of Afghanistan Hamid Karzai.

During that time most of the printed media, audio and visual media specially online journalism has been significantly began its activities in Afghanistan, Ariana News TV station also began its activities since 2012 after the Bayat Media Center has been established and joined Afghanistan media family, Ariana News is the very first private TV station which has its standard building specialized for broadcasting only, the following TV station in the short time has been capable by pushing its professional efforts ,and observing the Afghanistan National interests has opened thousand doors to make it into your homes.

After the Ariana News broadcasting programs has been inaugurated by the former President of Afghanistan Hamid Karzai it could find its own way and position among the Afghanistan media family members, the other specialty of this TV station is the Nationwide and International coverage ,it enable Afghan migrant to watch different programs in abroad.

Ariana News also broadcasts the Afghan and International expert’s points of view over different issues through video conferences and News bulletins; this TV has also experienced new initiatives to hold International and National sessions by clear translation from International languages into our National Languages to make the program easier for the viewers.

Establishing of good competitions among the private TV stations is the other achievements of Ariana News, after the establishing of the competitions it played significant role on growing visual media.

Now, in addition to the live coverage of the most important events, the following news channel broadcasts every hour’s news and talk shows about the valuable events, it has twelve-hours of live broadcasting programs during a day.

The first program Ariana News is broadcasting daily is called “Aghaz Rooz” or the morning bulletin providing the latest news and reviewing the most reliable world websites including

Second program is Pashtu News providing the latest news, on-air presenter talks with experts about the most recent political, military, cultural and economic issues.

Third, Dari short news broadcasting live from Ariana-Balkh branch which provides the latest news in northern Afghanistan and then it will continue from 01:00 PM to 03:00 PM.

Fourth “Zerbena” economical program launches and after that there is short Dari news broadcasting live from Ariana-He-rat branch.

Then Provincial news will be broadcasted that is covering the news events of the day from across the 34 provinces of Afghanistan.

Finally, 06:00 PM Pashtu news will be broadcasted from Central studio in BMC, Kabul and following that there will be an on air political debate program called “Negarish” which will retain till 08:00 PM Dari news and then there is another program called “Pas Az Khabar” keeps going live till 09:00 PM.

After all these programs there are a number of most-viewed political programs (such as, Tahawol, Munazara, Foreign Policy, Rokh, Tahud and Special Interviews) that will be broadcasted focusing on elections, peace process, the government activities, and political issues in Afghanistan and then10:00 PM news with one of the experts talking live about a special and important topic of the day.

Ariana News could handle a debate between 2014 presidential candidates very reliably and professionally.

In conclusion, we are committed to struggle a lot in coordination and cooperation with our colleagues to compete with International media networks.

Currently Ariana News is providing the latest news and the most important discussions through Ariana News Television & Radio Networks, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube social Networks.




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