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About %84 of Votes Audited: IEC Officials

(Last Updated On: August 31, 2014)


Independent Election Commission officials IEC have said,” about %83.4 of the second round of the presidential election has been audited.”

They have also said that auditing process ended in 1th warehouse and the workers were re-assigned to other ware house to accelerate the auditing process.

According to IEC officials 1947 boxes were audited and efforts are underway to audit the remaining boxes in coming days.

IEC spokesman Noor Mohammad Noor said,” Now the commission could increase the number of working groups from 107 up to 140 but lack of International auditors has challenged the whole process.”

On these days IEC with his whole working groups auditing in the average of 600 ballot boxes it shows that about %17 of ballot boxes to be audited till the end of current week.




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