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Abdullah Welcomes End of ARG-Noor Dispute

(Last Updated On: March 26, 2018)

The Chief Executive Abdullah Abdullah has welcomed the end of tensions between Atta Muhammad Noor and the Presidential Palace (ARG).

“Fortunately, the start of the new year followed the end of disputes between Balkh and ARG. The former governor of Balkh, Atta Muhammad Noor had many achievements during his working years and I wish more successes for the new governor,” Abdullah said.

In a public speech marking the new solar year on March 21, Noor told residents of Balkh Province that he had reached an agreement with the Presidential Palace and appointment of a new governor of the province.

The Chief Executive also stressed on the betterment of education’s quality and the increase of teachers’ capacity in the New Year.

“The growth of education is the basis for the development of the country and the stability of the country’s future” he added.

President Ashraf Ghani has named the year 1397 as the year of education and vowed to improve the quality of education.

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