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Abdullah Warns of Using Every Means to Stop Partial Vote Recount

(Last Updated On: November 17, 2019)

Afghanistan’s Chief Executive and presidential candidate Abdullah Abdullah warned on Sunday that his electoral campaign will use every legal means to stop the resumption of partial vote recount.

Abdullah accused the Independent Election Commission (IEC) for being biased toward his rival, the State Builder team led by President Ashraf Ghani. Speaking at a televised press conference, he said, the fate of 300,000 controversial votes must be identified before moving into the recount process.

The leader of the Stability and Partnership electoral campaign claimed that IEC has denied to provide a response about their legitimate demands, such as the invalidation of ballots cast before and after the Election Day and photos taken from photos.

He went further, and claimed that IEC is receiving orders from the State Builder team and acting like its “spokesperson”. He also said the IEC’s independence and objectivity is under question.

In addition, Abdullah called on the leadership of the Afghan security forces to stay away from election affairs, and confirmed that an observer of his team has passed away after being wounded, during last night protest, in Kunduz province.

At the same time, the Council of Presidential Candidates also announced their boycott with the partial recount process, citing “transparency”.

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