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Abdullah Wants 50% Share In Unity Government: Massoud

(Last Updated On: September 3, 2014)


Presidential candidate Ashraf Ghani Ahmadzai’s important ally, Ahmad Zia Massoud, has claimed their rival Abdullah Abdullah has demanded a 50-percent share in the proposed government of national unity.

Abdullah wanted to have fifty percent of cabinet seats and to lead the government opposition bench, said Zia Massoud, brother of National Hero Ahmad Shah Massoud.

He expressed that Abdullah has proposed them to put aside the electoral process and form a joint government.

Referring to Abdullah’s camp, Masoud said, “Despite their wrong allegations, still they want to lead the cabinet and want to have equal seats.”

“This is not a logical proposal,” Massoud declared.

He urged the rival team not to use force and guns in order to reach their political purposes.

Pointing to recent call of Balkh governor for a mass demonstration, Massoud warned to stand against any movements which could lead the country towards instability.

Stressing the need for dialogues to solve political issues, Zia Massoud declared they would not allow any person or group to jeopardize country’s achievements of past decade.

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