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Abdullah vows to implement goals of ‘Sustainable Development’ in Afghanistan

(Last Updated On: September 27, 2015)


Afghan top official called the Sustainable Development Program efficient for Afghanistan, the region and the world in a long-term period and urged political commitment and revitalized partnership to achieve the goals.

Afghanistan’s Chief Executive Abdullah Abdullah emphasized for implementation of this program on Friday at the UN General Assembly Meeting in New York.

“I’m here on behalf of the people of Afghanistan to say that the new agenda requires a strong political commitment, partnership, and the International cooperation, I assure that Afghanistan is committed to implement the objective of this agenda on due course,” Abdullah said.

Abdullah says the program can provide a background for peace and would reduce poverty and unemployment in the region in a long-term basis.

“Afghanistan’s is trying to become a regional economic hub for the region and establish a way to connect the people and resources and provide the opportunities for investment and economical growth and development. I’m happy as the UN Agenda has included different opportunities for economic development for the world countries,” Abdullah added.

He also says this program is a good opportunity to unite the world to fight against terrorism, poverty and unemployment.

Afghan official expressed his National Unity Government partner gratitude for the implementation of this program.

Afghan Officials emphasis on the implementation of this program as Afghanistan struggles with a lot of challenges including lack of security, poverty, unemployment and economical problems.

The 17 sustainable Development Goals aim to fight climate change and ensure gender equality and education for all and to eradicate poverty by 2030, among other things.


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