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Abdullah to Security Forces: ‘Be Neutral’ in Upcoming Election

(Last Updated On: August 4, 2019)

Abdullah Abdullah, Chief Executive of the country, says that the security forces have to be neutral in the election process, saying they should not give in to any pressure imposed on them. 

He stresses that interference of the security forces can have adverse consequences in the election.

“The presidential election is upcoming and the neutrality of the police and their professional treatment is very important in the process. If they do not be neutral then it will hurt the people’s trust,”

Moreover, the Afghan police’s donors also ask for the neutrality of security forces in the election process, saying the forces are just to provide security to the people.

Alison Blake, the British Ambassador in Kabul, says that Afghanistan’s election is close and this is important that the security forces have a clear understanding of the election and provide a safe environment to the people while being neutral though there are many challenges against them.

At the same time, the Ministry of Interior (MoI) stresses that being neutral is the commitment of the Afghan police.

Massoud Andarabi, the Minister of Interior (MoI) says that the police’s promise is to be neutral in the election process so that they do their responsibilities as needed.

This comes as the increase of insecurity has arisen concerns for the huge participation of people in the upcoming election but the security officials stress that accurate and effective plans have been taken for providing security in the polling day so the people to be able to use their voting right.

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