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Abdullah: Taliban should prove will for peace

(Last Updated On: February 17, 2020)

Chief Executive Abdullah Abdullah says that since the beginning of the ‘violence reduction’ term, the laterals in conflict should show their practice in action.

Abdullah in the cabinets’ meeting today, 17th Feb, said that practicing the ‘violence reduction’, could build trust between the parties involved to bring peace.

According to reports, the peace agreement is going to be signed between the US and the Taliban by the end of February. This will be a conditional agreement. It means, in the first 7 probationary days of the term, the Taliban should pronounce their promise of violence reduction in Afghanistan in action.

In the meantime, Abdullah considers the US-Taliban conditional peace deal as a step forward to peace.

Abdullah says, “The agreement has been finalized. It is important that it lasts as good as to reach a permanent ceasefire and intra-Afghan talks. It is a step forward. Thus, the agreement should be minded well.”

The CE underlines that the Afghan government focuses on the detail of the violence reduction to make it evident what the Taliban’s definition of the ‘violence reduction’ is, and “The Taliban should also prove that they are willing to achieve peace.”

Post the 7-day term of ‘violence reduction’, the intra-Afghan talks will be commenced; however, to run the talks, an inclusive delegation has not been formed yet.

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