Abdullah Says ‘Too Early’ for Presidential Election Campaigns

(Last Updated On: November 17, 2017)

Abdullah Abdullah, Afghanistan’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO) says it is too early for the government leaders to run for the presidential election campaigns.

“In this stage, the most important issue for the National Unity Government leaders is to focus our attention to the current priorities of Afghan people where security is one of the most important issues rather than going for electoral campaigns,” Abdullah told VOA when he was asked about his nomination for the next Afghan presidential elections.

He emphasized that it is “too early” to make a decision about the elections, adding that people have voted once but they were “not convinced” from the services.

In addition, he confirmed the increase of civilian and military casualties in Afghanistan, but claimed the Taliban have experienced heavy casualties as well.

The Afghan leader did not reject reports of Taliban’s contact with Russia, Iran and China.

“There is no doubt about [their] contacts, but sooner or later everyone will realize that the terrorist groups have their own goals at last,” he said.

Meanwhile, Abdullah said the Taliban group is divided and some of the splinter groups leaders are interested to join peace talks with the government.

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