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Abdullah says to not accept the election result

(Last Updated On: September 8, 2014)


The Afghan presidential contender, Abdullah Abdullah says does not accept results of presidential vote, talks at deadlock.
Abdullah Abdullah’s electoral team warned that they will not remain silent if the government of national unity not created.
They also announced their stance regarding the election process.
Abdullah’s electoral team technical consultant said that the announced government will be our government.
In the mean time, Head of National Agenda, Ahmad Wali Masood is said to consider if Abdullah disagree on creation of a government of national unity, there will be more terrorist havens in the country.
Ahmad Wali Masood urged the independent election commission (IEC) to announce the final result of election after both candidates agree on creation of national unity government.
Abdullah said that the important issue for them was the transparency of auditing process but the process had its all problems from the beginning.



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