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Abdullah Says Result Announcement Will Not Be Acceptable

(Last Updated On: December 11, 2019)

Chief Executive Abdullah Abdullah on Wednesday stressed that if the Independent Election Commission (IEC) announces the results of the election, it will not be acceptable for him.

In a statement released on his Facebook page, CE Abdullah pointed out that his electoral team won’t stay indifferent to the announcement of results before their “legitimate demands” are addressed by IEC.

This comes as IEC said on Tuesday that the result of the presidential election might be announced today (Wednesday).

“Two decisions are yet to be taken, and based on law, it will take 12 hours to announce the results,” said a member of the independent commission of election.

This comes as the votes from 27 provinces have been recounted, but the recount process of votes of the remaining 7 provinces has faced protests of some electoral tickets especially Abdullah Abdullah’s team.

In the meantime, Homayoun Jareer, a member of Hekmatyar’s ticket stressed that if the government does not reconsider this issue, the country will go in a crisis.

Moreover, election watchdogs believe that the preliminary results should be announced as soon as possible.

“The result announcement without considering demands of electoral tickets can take the election into crisis,” said Habibullah Shinwari a member of Election and Transparency Watch Organisation of Afghanistan (ETWA).

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