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Abdullah says Pak creates serious problems for Afg by supporting terrorist networks

(Last Updated On: September 27, 2015)


Some countries are supporting terrorists and extremist networks which have created serious problems for Afghanistan, Afghan Chief Executive Dr. Abdullah Abdullah said Friday at the Council on Foreign Relations.

Abdullah said terrorist networks like Haqqani network is in Pakistan and backing terrorist groups are not in favor of any country and those countries that continue to support insurgency to achieve their goals must cut relations with terrorism.

“These groups which are claim to have attacked Pakistan are not supported in Afghanistan, they were created for other purposes but now they are following different objectives. This is the reason of our complicated relation with Pakistan, but we have progress on the economical sector and relations between the people of the two countries,” he said,” It is more than two decades that we know based on evidences that where terrorists are coming from and attacking Afghanistan, all Afghans believe we are right and legitimate, not based on our interest, but based on humanity expectations.”

Abdullah also said that the National Unity Government is fully functioning and there is a strong commitment to bring reforms and fight against corruption in his country.

“Now the international community is faced with a partner that is a willing partner,” he said.

But vital work still needs to be done to improve Afghanistan’s security and economic stability, Abdullah cautioned.

“It is a fact of life that we need support,” he said.

Abdullah Abdullah is heading a delegation of high ranking officials in New York for the 70th session of the United Nations General Assembly.

Afghan leader has met with a number of the world leaders including Hassan Ruhani, the President of Iran, Imam Ali Rahman, the President of Tajikistan, the U.S. special envoy for Afghanistan and Pakistan and other foreign officials.

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