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Abdullah: Russia Claims U.S. Has Made Daesh in Afghanistan

(Last Updated On: November 20, 2017)

Afghan Chief Executive Abdullah Abdullah says Russia claims U.S. has created Daesh (Islamic State) in Afghanistan.

“Recently one of their [Russian] security officials visited Afghanistan,… they said clearly that Daesh, specially Daesh in Afghanistan is U.S. made,” Abdullah said in response to a question regarding Russia’s contacts with the Taliban in the Halifax International Security Forum on Sunday in Canada.

“The issue is a bit strange for us and the people including Afghan security forces who are fighting Daesh with the support of U.S. and its allies,” he said.

In the meantime, he cited Russian officials say the Taliban is not a threat to international peace. “if harboring terrorism and terrorists from all around the world is what Taliban has been doing at the moment, specially from Central Asia and some from Chechnya , if this is not a  threat to the international peace so what could be?” he questioned.

When asked about Iran’s role in stability and security of the region, Chief Executive stressed that Tehran has been supporting the Afghan government since last 16 years. “There is no doubt,” he said.

Reforms and holding transparent elections were the other issues as Abdullah explained at the forum.

He said they have learned lessons from 2014 presidential elections, “we have taken stock of those lessons in the reform process which was underway, one of the important recommendations for transparent elections has been to provide voters’ list in the polling stations.”

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