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Abdullah Reacts to Recent Remarks by Atta Noor

(Last Updated On: January 15, 2018)

Afghanistan’s Chief Executive Abdullah Abdullah on Monday reacted to recent remarks by Atta Mohammad Noor, the ousted Balkh governor, saying his silence doesn’t mean he is not having answers.

“If we are not responding to every comments, it should not be considered that we are not having answers. It is because we want to focus on our major responsibilities based on our position,” Abdullah said.

After the presidential palace announced dismissal of Balkh governor, Atta Noor, the Chief Executive of Jamiat-e-Islami party defied his ouster and harshly attacked President Ashraf Ghani and CE Abdullah on many occassions.

Noor called Abdullah “a snake up everyone’s sleeve” adding that he won’t allow anyone to oust him from the post, except through negotiation.

Meanwhile, political experts urge the government and Jamiat-e-Islami party to resolve their issue through negotiation.

This comes as members of Jamiat Party and government officials have held seven rounds of talks with no results yet.

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