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Abdullah Questions IEC’s Neutrality

(Last Updated On: November 27, 2019)

Afghanistan’s Chief Executive and Presidential Candidate Abdullah Abdullah on Wednesday questioned the neutrality of the Independent Election Commission (IEC) by saying that the Election Commission is acting based on the orders of a specific electoral team.

“The neutrality of IEC is in question and the result of its work is illegitimate,” Abdullah wrote on his official Facebook page Wednesday.

Without explicitly naming, he warned IEC and the State-Builder team led by his rival Ashraf Ghani of “consequences”.

“We will use every legitimate and peaceful means to prevent the establishment of a fraudulent government,” he said. “With the support of God, nothing can stand against the legitimate will of the people.”

The leader of Stability and Partnership campaign emphasizes that his team has no illegitimate demand, but the implementation of electoral laws and regulations.

“In 2014, individuals with fraudulent votes and under circumstances were allowed to rule over the people. They should not think that the 2014 election will be repeated again,” he further said.

According to Abdullah, his rival team has no constituency among people, and it has spent huge amount of money, lured and threatened during the election, but the result was clear.

On Tuesday, Abdullah’s campaign warned of launching new protests if IEC failed to invalidate the 300,000 controversial votes by upcoming Saturday. Key members of Abdullah’s team claimed if these controversial votes are invalidated, the team will secure fifty plus one vote.

Ghani’s team insists on finalizing the recount process and urges IEC to announce the preliminary results.

Mirza Mohammad Haqparast, Spokesman of the IEC told Ariana News that IEC will not make any decision about the controversial votes before ending the partial vote recount.

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