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Abdullah Holds Campaign Rally in Herat

(Last Updated On: September 24, 2019)

Presidential candidate Abdullah Abdullah held a huge campaign rally in western Herat province of Afghanistan on Tuesday.

The majority of parliamentarians representing Herat province in the National Assembly announced their support from Mr. Abdullah’s electoral team.

Speaking to his supporters, Abdullah emphasized on free and transparent elections.

He claimed that his “Stability and Partnership” electoral team will win the election because it has a huge support of the people of Afghanistan.

Abdullah emphasized that specific circles within the presidential palace are seeking to engineer the election on their own favor.

“Government officials were busy in campaigns until last Friday. This is a lesson for them. When people believes to specific values, you cannot get their vote by pressures, threats, bribe or fake promises,” he said.

However, he warned to stand firmly against any attempt of fraud in the upcoming elections which is due in a couple of days.

He claimed Farah’s Pur Chaman was intentionally handed to the Taliban militants because his rival team knew that the people of the area used to vote for his ticket in elections.

Meanwhile, eight lawmakers and a number of influential figures who announced their support from Mr. Abdullah called for holding of a free and fair elections in the country.

Ghulam Farooq Majrooh, an MP from Herat province said they support Mr. Abdullah in order to “bring changes in the security sector, justice sector and create employment opportunities and brotherhood” in the country.

Sayed Azim Kebrzani, another MP from the province encouraged people to cast their votes for the victory of Stability and Partnership electoral team.

This comes as the Afghan presidential election is set to be held in another three days across the country despite security challenges.

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