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Abdullah congratulates Afghans the formation of national unity government

(Last Updated On: September 25, 2014)


The chief executive of the government of national unity, Abdullah Abdullah has congratulated Ashraf Ghani Ahmad Zai as the Afghanistan new president.

Abdullah Abdullah in a gathering with his electoral team stated that he and Ashraf Ghani signed the agreement to form a government of national unity for the future of Afghanistan.

Abdullah said that signing the political agreement with Ghani was the best strategy to end the ravages of Afghan people.

He praised the participation of Afghan people in the election process and congratulated the formation the government of national unity.

The chief executive of the government of national unity is said to consider the reforming of electoral institutions is his main duties.

Mr. Abdullah will be able to appoint senior positions on terms of “parity” with Mr Ghani. The agreement says “the two teams will be equally represented at the leadership level”.

Afghans have also welcomed the deal after months of turmoil that stalled economy and destabilized security.


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