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Abdali Opens Up About Issues in ARG During His Term as Envoy to India

(Last Updated On: December 5, 2018)

Shaida Abdali says during his term as Afghan Ambassador to India he couldn’t report on embassy-level issues to Foreign Affairs Ministry but instead had to directly brief the President’s office.

Speaking to Ariana News on Monday, Abduli said that he did not act illegally when he was serving as Afghan envoy to New Delhi.  

“Whenever there had been an issue at embassy level, I had been asked to share it with Presidential Palace instead of Foreign Affairs Ministry which is principally the institution we have to referral,” Abdali said who also a potential candidate for the coming presidential elections. 

He stressed that he doesn’t want to disclose their names because as he believes the issue might lead the country into crisis.

The former envoy, meanwhile, said that corruption still exists in the government and that insecurity has reached its peak in the country.

“If we review the situation in Afghanistan; different flags being raised, the national flag wasn’t being respected, is this a national unity,” Abdali said while blaming the National Unity government for the issue.

The president’s office did not comment in this regard yet.

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