Abdul Badi Sayyad Elected as IEC Chairman

(Last Updated On: January 31, 2018)

Afghan electoral commissioners have elected former spokesman and secretary of Independent Election Commission (IEC), Abdul Badi Sayyad as its new Chairman, said an IEC member.

“Mr. Sayyad could secure 50+1 votes of electoral commissioners in today’s IEC election”, said Maliha Hassan, a member of Afghanistan Independent Election Commission.

Gulajan Abdul Badi Sayyad was previously working as spokesman and secretary of Afghanistan Independent Election Commission.

Bringing reforms in IEC has become a very controversial issue after formation of National Unity Government and fraud full 2014 presidential elections which plunged the country almost into a turmoil and heightened political differences.

President Ashraf Ghani fired IEC’s former chairman, Najibullah Ahmadzai, nearly two months ago and selected Sayed Hafizullah Hashimi, as his replacement member for IEC few days ago.

According to Mrs. Hassan, Wasima Badghisi and Maazullah Dawlati have been elected as operational and finance deputies of IEC.

The IEC is supposed to hold Afghan parliamentary and district councils elections in 2018 while struggling with lots of financial and political challenges.

Lack of security, increased violence and insurgency, severe political differences among Afghan politicians and not having distributed reliable voters cards are the major challenges against coming elections.

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