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A new initiative by private sector for generating Petrol

(Last Updated On: November 28, 2015)

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A petrol manufacturer factory with an investment of close to a million dollars in Kabul has started to work and generates petrol from old tires.

Officials of the factory say that they will generate twenty thousand liters of petrol daily.

“If the government supports our productions, we are able to purify and generate petrol,” said Sanaullah, Technical consultant petrol manufacturer.

In the meantime, the government says to support the domestic products and will stand by its commitments.

The factory which is in Kalakan district of Kabul has also provided the employment field for 400 people.

“By creating factories, the employment opportunities will be provided for our youths,” said Kamal Sadat, deputy Minister of Information and Culture.

The petrol manufacturer factory created in a condition that thousands of Afghan youths suffer unemployment and the country relies entirely to the outer world in terms of oil production.




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