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A conditions-based reduction in violence is a win for Afghanistan: Miller

(Last Updated On: February 22, 2020)

The NATO forces commander in Afghanistan, General Scott Miller said that the Afghan and foreign forces uphold commitments to US-Taliban “reduction in violence” agreement.

Miller at a press briefing with Afghan top security officials Acting Defense Minister Assadullah Khalid and Acting Interior Minister Massoud Andarabi at NATO’s headquarters in Kabul said that today was the first test day of the week-long reduction in violence agreement, “Very clearly, this is a conditional effort…we are very committed and very serious about our obligations.”

“Personally, on behalf of Resolute Support, we are very committed, very serious about our obligations and we expect all sides – to include Taliban – to be very serious about the obligations as well,” said Miller.

A conditions-based reduction in violence is a win for Afghanistan. The Taliban must fulfill their commitments,” said Miller. “It is up to the Taliban to move the ball forward toward peace.”

Meanwhile, Asadullah Khalid said that there are concerns regarding the possible disruptions by internal and foreign elements.

“We are committed to a comprehensive ceasefire. According to the President’s orders, we have paused all offensive operations against the Taliban. We are concerned that there are some groups inside Afghanistan that want to disrupt the environment,” Khalid added.

The Afghanistan Acting Interior Minister stressed that the Afghan forces are ready to give a response to any possible attack by the militants.

“The Afghan forces have received directions to monitor the situation,” Massoud Andarabi said.

The seven-day reduction in violence (RiV) between the Afghan and foreign forces and the Taliban militants began on Friday midnight.

The Taliban said in a statement that during the week-long period of RiV there would be no attacks on Major cities, military corps, garrisons and bases of foreign forces.

If the violence reduction period is observed successfully, the United States and the Taliban will sign an agreement on Feb. 29 that could lead to the withdrawal of thousands of U.S. troops from the war-weary country.

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