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Nine Petroleum Companies Owe More Than 22bn AFN in Tax: Parliament

(Last Updated On: January 10, 2018)

At least nine petroleum importing companies should pay more than 22 billion AFN in tax, the Lower House of Parliament’s deputy speaker said on Wednesday.

“The four-months evaluation by the joint commission of parliament shows the petroleum importing companies have not paid their taxes since 2011 which is more than 22 billion AFN and should be refined,” said Abdul Qadir Zazay, chairman of reviewing committees of importing petroleum.

Afghan lawmakers have also emphasized that the issue of paying taxes by the petroleum importing companies should be seriously tracked.

“If the evaluations do not have any result, the people would think as lawmakers made deals in secrets and have not finalized the issue,” said Ramazan Bashardost, a Member of Parliament.

Parliament Members have also called on the attorney general to seriously investigate this issue.

Unlike the developed countries where personal income tax generates a sizeable chunk of revenue, most of the Afghan companies scoff at the idea of giving the government some of their meager earnings.

This comes as Afghan authorities also admit that taxing the rich isn’t easy in a country where the powerful often command militias.

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