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Afghan Government to Introduce Agent to NATO Summit

(Last Updated On: August 30, 2014)


Afghan Government will introduce one representative to attend the NATO summit which will be held at Wales if the long lasting Presidential Election process doesn’t end in coming two days.

However the International affairs experts have said, “if the legal President of Afghanistan doesn’t attend the summit he will lose a lot of golden opportunity for stabling Afghanistan in the future.”

A session which was held at the Presidential Palace early this morning it was decided that someone should attend the NATO summit which will be held at Wales after long discussions among the President and some High Afghan officials yet to achieve a concrete decision to introduce the Afghanistan representative.

Ministry of Foreign affairs spokesman Shekib Mustaghni said,” based on a policy to determine the faith of Afghanistan is to introduce both Presidential candidates to attend the NATO summit this action was welcomed by both presidential campaigners.”

Afghan International affairs experts believed that having no legal President to attend the summit means that we will lose a lot of golden opportunity for stabilizing the Afghanistan in the future.

Based on the NATO schedule the following summit will be held on 4th and 5th of coming September in Britain where Presidents, Prime Ministers, NATO summit members to attend the summit and they will take decision about the Afghanistan future.

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