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80 Percent of Power Shortage Problem in Kabul to be solved in coming days

(Last Updated On: March 2, 2015)

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Officials in Brishna, an electricity company said Monday that repairing the broken pillars of electricity started since four days ago and over one hundred and sixty megawatts of power will be transferred to Kabul during the coming week.

According to officials in Brishna, more than 100 staffs of Brishna Company are working at Salang to repair the broken electricity pillars.

They emphasized that complementary construction work of electricity pillars may take up to three weeks.

They are said to believe 80 percent of power shortage problem in Kabul will be solved up to the next three days and the remaining imported electricity transmission will be completed in three weeks.

“The tandem Salang avalanches caused Kabul faces power shortages. Kabul residents faced lack of electricity about one week. We will again restore power to Kabul.” Head of Brishna Company, Abdul Razaq Samadi said. “We are able to reconstruct the broken electricity pillars. We have fully equipped and have professional staffs. India has made these pillars and if we face technical problems they are ready to help us.”

Many remote areas of Afghanistan never had much infrastructure. Decades of war, a harsh climate and neglect left much of what had been built in rubble. In 2001, most rural villages lacked electricity, running water, or roads to link them to schools, health clinics and government services.

Energy in Afghanistan is primarily provided by hydropower. Two decades of warfare have left the country’s power grid badly damaged. As of 2012, approximately 33% of Afghan population has access to electricity and in the capital Kabul, 70% have access to reliable 24hr electricity.
Reported by Nematullah Ahmadi



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