8 projects on drinkable water inaugurated in Afghanistan: Rustami

(Last Updated On: June 24, 2016)


Officials in Ministry of Rural Rehabilitation and Development have reported that 8 projects with the cost of $14 million dollar have been accomplished to provide drinkable water in different provinces of Afghanistan.

They have stated that same projects will be implemented incoming six months, by inaugurating of the following projects 125,000 residents will access drinkable water in Afghanistan.

Ministry of Rural Rehabilitation and Development Ali Rustami said,” We have accomplished the 8 projects on clean water, efforts are underway to let our countrymen to access drinkable water in the future.”

Accessing clean and drinkable water has been a big issue in Afghanistan, experts said the following Ministry has the capacity to provide clean water for the needy residents of Afghanistan.

Economy expert Shabeer Basheer said,” We not only need clean water for the 5 provinces but also we do need drinkable water for 34 provinces, specially the capital city of Kabul in some of its districts people can’t have access to clean water.”

Officials in the following Ministry stated that by launching other 13 projects on water 440 residents will have access to clean water.

Reported by Aslam Hejaab

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