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Eight IEC Staff Members Killed in Taliban’s Kandahar Attack

(Last Updated On: June 30, 2019)

Eight employees of the Independent Election Commission (IEC) were killed in an explosion in Maruf district of Kandahar province, an official said on Sunday.

The incident happened after Taliban militants detonated four explosives-packed armored vehicles in the district.

Provincial Police Chief of Kandahar Tadeen Khan confirmed the attack and said the attack was carried out by four explosive-packed Humvees.

Tadeen Khan added that as a result 11 soldiers were killed and 27 others wounded.

Kandahar police chief said that four suicide bombers and 17 Taliban fighters were also killed in the attack.

He further said that all of the victims have been taken to the capital of the province and fresh troops have been deployed to the district.

Meanwhile, a reliable source told Ariana News that a major part of the district governor’s office has been damaged as a result of the attacks and it has left heavy casualties to security forces.

At the same time, Hashim Durrani, the provincial head of IEC in Kandahar said that eight staff member of the commission who were responsible for the voters registration process in the district have been killed in the attack.

Taliban claims their militants have overrun the district after attacking the district center including the police headquarter.

The insurgent group has intensified their attacks against Afghan forces as the U.S. and Taliban negotiators are holding talks in Qatar to end the ongoing war in Afghanistan.

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