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8 Afghans were killed in Iran by Human Traffickers – MoFA

(Last Updated On: April 14, 2015)


Eight Afghans were killed in Zahedan city of Iran by human traffickers, Officials confirms.

Afghan foreign ministry spokesman Shekib Mustaghni announced on Tuesday that eight Afghans were killed in the Islamic Republic of Iran and currently the investigations are underway to identify the Afghans killed.

According to the reports five Afghans could escape and save their lives while three human traffickers were also killed in clashes between the Afghan citizens and the traffickers in Zahedan a city in southeastern Iran near the borders with Pakistan and Afghanistan.

Mustaghni said,” When they are being taken to Iran, tribute issues comes in, and the human traffickers are asking for more money. Then, 13 Afghans attack over the three guards. Following that traffickers raid on thirteen Afghans too and kill eight.”

Afghanistan’s foreign ministry is asking Iran to arrest the perpetrators of the event and also confirms Afghan citizen involvement in Syrian civil war.

According to the reports we have received personnel beliefs and motivations have made these people to join in Syrian civil war and there is no report showing their engagement by force,” Mustaghni added.

These statements come after reports confirmed presence of Afghan fighters in the Syria’s ground battles between President Bashar al-Assad’s soldiers and the rebel groups.

Reported by: Nasrat Parsa

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