7000,0 Afghan Asylum-Seekers Left for Europe Post 2015:Balkhi

(Last Updated On: September 19, 2015)



Officials in Ministry of Repatriation and Refugees have said 7000,0 Afghans have left the country since the beginning of the 2015 from Afghanistan to European countries seeking safe shelters.”

They have also added that 12% of refugees are coming from Afghanistan who have left their country to European countries.

During a press conference Minister of repatriation and refugees Sayed Hussien Alimi Balkhi has demanded the Young Afghan generation not to leave their country, the current issues are temporary, bright future is waiting for us.

Mr. Balkhi further mentioned that we hope to see the problems of migrants and refugees in European countries to be resolved, next month a session will be held on migrants and refugees in Swiss by the participation of President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani we also hope that International community do stay committed on their 500 million $ aids for returning of Afghans to their country back.

Minister of Repatriation and refugee Sayed Hussien Alimi Balkhi has declared the main factors of fleeing from the country were insecurity, unemployment, poor economy.

He also called the European countries have failed for receiving migrants and refugees around the world, demanding the leaders of the Europe to act significantly for resolving the refugees and migrants problems who have reached Europe.

“From 4000,0 up to 7000,0 Afghans have left the country for European countries,and about 12 % of Refugees are Afghans who have reached Europe, leaders in European countries should decide and resolve their problems not to breakdown of the nationality of the asylum-seekers Minister of repatriation and refugees Alimi Balkhi said.”

Mr. Balkhi added that there will be a special session on Afghans asylums held in Swiss where the Afghan President to talk about this issue for the Entire participants in the session, we hope that International community to stay committed on 500 million $ for returning Afghans home.

Based on the reports among some of the Afghan refugees in Europe there are some other migrants from other countries like Syria saying in exchange of receiving 500 $ from Iran and Iran National permanent ID were sent to Syria to fight, however officials in Afghanistan do confirm the presence of Afghans in war at Syria.

Reported by Fawad Nasiri

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