70 % of Nuristan under Taliban’s control

(Last Updated On: August 25, 2014)


70 percent of Nuristan province is under the control of Taliban insurgents, who cut off to the provincial capital, an official said Monday, warning of a humanitarian disaster if the government does not act soon.
The lack of security has raised concerns of Nuristan inhabitants who said security forces weakness, poor management of local authorities and intervention of intelligence agencies of the neighboring countries are the reason for insecurities in the province.
However, the interior ministry confirms insecurity in the province but denies statements of Nuristan inhabitants regarding inability of the security forces.
Meanwhile, some of the Nuristan representatives in the National Assembly said that the released Taliban are responsible for the war in Nuristan.
Nuristan elders concern about the province that borders with Pakistan and warned that if insecurities not prevented, the drug cultivation will increase in the province.


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