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7 out of 100 persons infected with jaundice in Nangarhar

(Last Updated On: July 31, 2016)


Health officials in Nangarhar province have held the World Day for prevention of Jaundice, saying 400 positive cases of hepatitis has been recorded within the health centers in the first 4 months of the year.

They have declared different factors could transfer the following symptom in to other human beings body, using Narcotic drugs, poor health providers’ attention to sanitation, using same border machines for different persons.

A survey which was launched by the health providers in Nangarhar has declared that 7 out of 100 persons are infected with jaundice symptom in Nangarhar province.

Dr. Noor Hassan Basharyar responsible for hepatitis said,” there are 3 ways for spreading the following symptom in to other human beings, through blood, using medical equipments from the plugged person in to the healthy one, and poor sanitation, and from breasting feed from the mother to her child, the only way to tackle this issue is to sterilize those tools which are used, the blood which will be given to the needy persons should be checked properly before its being donated.”

Nangarhar residents have criticized the health providers for not raise the public awareness, and not launching any survey to those areas where the following virus is growing.

Tribal leader AzizulRahman Arab said,” there are barriers and challenges in between the residents and the health care providers, we need to get together to resolve the following issue from our society.”

Deputy of the public health hospital Muqadsa said,” We confirm the problems, efforts are underway to resolve the issue and tackle against the following symptom, but there are some barriers which really avoid us from implementing our plan to reduce the numbers of the infected persons.”

Over all the following symptom is epidemic where always target the liver of human beings.

The website has published an article about the ways of causes , how to check and what to do to understand that one of the members of our family is infected with jaundice.

Other main causes of jaundice

Excessive bruising from a traumatic birth causes more than the usual amount of red blood cells to be broken down, leading to higher levels of bilirubin to be conjugated.

The preterm baby is more likely to become jaundiced because of an immature liver which cannot cope with the high load of bilirubin.

G6PD deficiency is a condition where an enzyme necessary for the conjugation of bilirubin is missing or insufficient.

Breast milk may interfere with the liver’s ability to conjugate bilirubin therefore the jaundice may be prolonged. Often, it is not necessary to stop breast feeding but if the levels become too high, the pediatrician may recommend stopping for a couple of days for the levels to come down.

Blood group and Rhesus incompatibility causes jaundice to appear during the first 24 hours of life. It is important that all pregnant women go for prenatal checkups in order to identify the possibility of this problem occurring, so that preventive treatment for jaundice can be started fairly quickly after birth.

Prenatal infection of the mother such as rubella, syphilis, toxoplasmosis or cytomegalovirus may cause jaundice in the newborn. After birth, any bacterial or viral infection in the baby may cause jaundice.

How to check for jaundice and what to do

It is best to check for jaundice during the day using natural light. Hold the baby near a door or window.

* Starting from the face, use your finger to gently but firmly press on the skin and quickly let go. * If the area that you pressed looks yellow the baby has jaundice * Work your way down from the face to the legs.

If the yellow color is only on the face then the jaundice is quite mild.

* Make sure that baby has sufficient fluids especially milk as it contains glucose necessary for conjugation of bilirubin.

* Place the baby near a bright window during the day. * It is not really necessary to put baby in the sun as baby may become over heated by the sun’s rays. Alternately, the baby may become chilled if there is a strong wind blowing * If you are breast feeding it is best that you do not take any ginger for the first 10 days after delivery as ginger will make it harder for the liver to work on the un conjugated bilirubin.

If the face and body are yellow, then the jaundice is quite high.

* You must take your baby back to the hospital immediately. Don’t waste time going to an outside clinic.

* Your baby needs a blood test to determine the bilirubin level and immediate treatment if the level is high.

If at any time your baby is very sleepy and refuses to feed even if she looks mildly jaundiced you must seek medical attention immediately.

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