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7 businessmen killed, 40 threatened since 2 months: ACCI

(Last Updated On: May 28, 2016)


Officials in the Afghan Chamber of Commerce and Industry have stated that 7 Afghan businessmen were killed in different provinces of Afghanistan, and 40 others were threatened to death in the past two months.

They have expressed their concerns over the insecurity for the businessmen and also fear stances on losing investments within the country.

Meanwhile officials in Ministry of Interior Affairs have urged that efforts are underway to ensure security for the safety of businessmen and investors in Afghanistan.

Based on the information leaked by the officials from the chamber of commerce industry 2 businessmen were killed in Kabul city, 2 in Nangarhar and 3 others in Herat Provinces in past 2 months.

Chamber of commerce and industry Spokesman Saim Persarlai said,” in past two months we have lost 7 businessmen and about 40 others were threatened to death or they will be kidnapped.”

He went on and urged that some figures within the Afghan Government do support kidnappers since they are arrested, they will be released back without the law is implemented.

Ministry of Interior Affairs Spokesman Sediq Sediqee said,” Minister of Interior Affairs have ordered all the police forces specially the crime investigation team to ensure security and safety for the businessmen and their properties, their businesses will bring changes within the economy of the Nation.”

At the end the officials in chamber of commerce and industry have warned if the security is not ensured for the businessmen we will lose scores of the businessmen soon and it will badly impact over the economy of Afghanistan.

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