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600 projects to resume activities in coming spring: MoE

(Last Updated On: January 19, 2016)


Officials in Ministry of economy have reported that 600 projects which their activities has been suspended due to different reasons will begin its activities in coming spring.

Minister of economy Abdul Satar Murad has declared the following projects a factor boosting local resident’s economy.

He went on and said the following projects will begin their activities next year after the lower house of the parliament has approved the budget for the fiscal year of 1395.

“The following budget will not only is jumpstart for the suspended projects but also it will cover the new projects that we will launch them incoming year Minister of economy Abdul Satar Murad said.”

Minister of Economy Mr. Murad has also mentioned that 21 water power stations will be inaugurated incoming year of 1395.

Further he spoke about those life time projects which will create thousands of jobs opportunities for Afghan Nation the projects will be implemented are KASA 1000, TAPI.

His optimisms comes after the establishing of National Unity Government the poverty and unemployment level raised, thousands of Afghans specially young men and girls are remained unemployed, dozens of NGOs closed.

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