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6 $ Million Spends on Drugs Daily in Afghanistan

(Last Updated On: April 4, 2015)


Officials in Ministry of public health have said,” that 6 $ million are spent on drugs daily in Afghanistan.”

They have also said that 3 million drug users are across the country where each drug user will spend 2$ to receive their favorite drug.


Minister of Public health Ferozudin Feroz said,” there are 3 million drug users in the country each of the user spends 2$ to receive the drug on daily basis which means 6$ million is being spent on drug only in Afghanistan this serious challenge where we should seek solution for it.”

Mr. Feroz who was giving speech in the inauguration of a hospital in Dasht-i- Barchi area of Kabul city said,” efforts are underway to increase the level of treatment of drug users, over all if we try to combat against it Government should resolve their social life challenges.”

He also said,” there are 2500 beds specialized for the drug users efforts are underway to provide more beds by the close coordination and cooperation of other related institutions, we will also try to find jobs for the addicted persons to get rid of this drug.”


Deputy of counter narcotic Baz Mohammad Ahmadi said,” Efforts are underway in joint coordination of the other related departments to eradicate drugs and arrested those traffickers.”

Efforts are needed for those Afghans living in remote areas who don’t have access to health care services.

Reported by Hameed Sediqee


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