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$6.5 million wasted by NGOs: Officials

(Last Updated On: January 27, 2016)


Officials in Ministry of economy have stated that 6,5 $ million spent in different sections in past 14 years has been wasted in Afghanistan.

They have urged that the performances of none Governmental NGOs will be evaluated by the Government for wasting the amount and achieving poor results.

Deputy of Ministry of Economy Mohammad Ismail Rahimi said,” None Governmental NGOs has been an active member developing the society and built the capacity of thousands in the country and boosted the economy of those places where projects were implemented.”

Experts believed that None Government NGOs have wasted millions of dollars in past 14 years in Afghanistan.

Professor Mohammad Zarif Aminyar said,” no one assesses none Governmental NGOs performances, there millions of dollars either wasted or put it back into their pockets back.”

Based on the estimation 2100 none Governmental NGOs are active in Afghanistan, where 90 percent is domestic and the rest are International one.

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