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$55M Worth Electricity Projects Signed in Kabul

(Last Updated On: January 28, 2017)

66Officials in Da Afghanistan Breshna Sherkat (DABS) and Indian International NGOs have signed contracts of designing, procurement, equipping, and distribution of electricity of provinces of Logar, Paktia and Khost in the  presence of the Afghanistan President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani at Presidential palace on Saturday.

Chief of Da Afghanistan Breshna Sherkat Qudratullah Delawari said, “The contracts include designing, procurement, equipping, installation, examining, and distribution of electricity for the three provinces of Logar, Gardez and Khost where 44500 customers of electricity can be benefited.”

The $55,8 million projects are being funded by the gratuitous aids of the Asian Development Bank (ADB) and the project work will be accomplished within 2 years in the future .

The Representative of Asian Development Bank Thomas P. said, “ADB is pleased to join the gathering on signing of the Electricity contracts between the Da Afghanistan Breshna Sherkat and Indian NGOs called “Angelic”- “Jagwara” to provide electricity for the first time for provinces of Logar, Gardez and Khost provinces of Afghanistan, we are pleased to fund the projects.”

The following Electricity projects will enlighten 13000 families in Logar, 18500 families in Gardez and 13000 other in Khost province.

Reported by: Yousuf Yasa


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